How to be tech savvy in the upcoming year

During 2017 we experienced incredible technological advancements and were introduced to all kinds of new fun gadgets. When you look back, only a few years back we would have never thought we will be using our phones as computers and even have technology that will help you around the house with just a voice command.  

The biggest technological gadgets were all to do with being “smart”. We got introduced to smart homes, smart shoes and improved on our smart phones. I predict that everything that comes out next year, whether it is fashion or gadgets will be linked to your smartphone via an app.  

You are able to buy security cameras that link to your smartphone and you can keep an eye on everything that is going on in real time video on the screen. The latest shoes by Under Armour has sensors that tell you how hard your next workout should be and Alexa can manage our home environment by voice commands.  

Creating apps is going to grow immensely in the next year and it will become an even bigger technological industry than it is right now. Software engineering will be will most likely be the best degree to have in a couple of years. 


2018 is definitely going to bring some marvels in this industry. I think we should not concern ourselves with the specifics and just enjoy the advancements we are making as the human race. Another thing, don’t get lost in the VR world. We live on earth and that should still be our priority to work for, but we can definitely live a comfortable and fun life with our gadgets. 

Best advice – start saving now! You will definitely need to empty your wallet as it will be impossible to resist the upcoming high tech gadgets and everything to do with future advancements. 

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